BLS RegioExpress

This train passes through the Simmental region. The valley narrows and the forests become darker alongside the raging river Simme, before it flows into Lake Thun. Your train will also pass through here as well.

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You are now in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. Traditional chalets with richly painted and carved façades, which are typical of the area, nestle around white churches. Over the centuries, the proud mountain folk have expressed their comfortable life style in an artistic manner. Today, the Simmental region remains a farming area with a population that has its own distinct personality and dialect.


The Wimmis castle indicates that the lake is close by. It has guarded the entrance to the Simmental region, that you are about to leave before reaching Spiez on the shores of Lake Thun, for more than a thousand years. This lake is very different from Lake Geneva from where you started. It nestles among the mountains and its warm and friendly presence will accompany you all the way to Interlaken.